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  • $10,000 money-back guarantee. Terms apply
  • 20% off on-demand bookings*.
  • Support from home specialists.
Just $49 a year

Pays for itself in 1.5 house cleanings.

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  • Peace of mind with every project.
    Peace of mind with every project.

    With our member-exclusive Thumbtack Plus Guarantee you’ll get more support and coverage on home projects.

  • Expert support for large projects.
    Expert support for large projects.

    Take the guesswork out of large projects (like a renovation) with help planning, budgeting, and finding the right pros.

  • 20% off on-demand bookings.
    20% off on-demand bookings.

    Save big on Thumbtack on-demand bookings*: House Cleaning, TV Mounting, Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance and more.

Support you can count on.

Navigate home challenges knowing that you’re backed by a $100,000 property damage guarantee and exclusive $10,000 money-back guarantee (terms apply). Because there’s no reason to lose sleep over your home.

Ditch the stress and uncertainty.

Managing large projects like paving your driveway or redoing your floors can be stressful. With personalized project support, you can ask a home specialist questions about your home or an upcoming project. We’ll follow-up with an action plan that keeps you on track, on budget and set up for success.

Save now — and down the line.

Your membership can pay for itself, fast. When we match you with a House Cleaning, TV Mounting, or Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance pro, you’ll get 20% off.* Get ready to see a return on your investment in just a few months.

Homeowners love our project planning support.
"My home specialist was helpful and informative. I'm very satisfied with the experience."
— James D.
"The most valuable part was having someone who understood our issues and could help."
— Thomas A.
"My specialist got me amazing quotes for my projects. This is a great service."
— Toni T.
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